Electric Toothbrushes and Families

Electric Toothbrushes are great, I know my dentist could tell when I started using mine, a lot less time spent cleaning my teeth.  The only downside is the mess of cords they make on you bathroom counter, especially with families.  Some families opt to share the brush and swap out brush heads while others prefer to each have there own brush.  When you start having multiple chargers on you countertop, the unsightly cords start to take over and you never have enough outlets to plug them all in.  There really hasn't been a good solution for this, until now and the Patent Pending HoytDesign electric toothbrush holder options.  The HoytDesign countertop family toothbrush holder will allow you to neatly organize up to 4 of your electric toothbrush chargers neatly inside the base. 


You just drop in your existing charger into the top of the base and plug it into the internal power strip inside.  All of the extra cords are neatly organized in there own cord storage pockets in the holder. 



You are left with no more cord mess and only 1 cord to plug into your outlet for all the chargers.  The holder even has USB ports so you can keep your phone charged while getting ready.  All the holders have rubber feet to sit securely on the countertop or include hardware for easy wall mounting as well.  They are available with options for Oral-B and Philips Sonicare electric toothbrushes or can be customized for whatever brand combination for brushes you have.

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